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    Dr. Arun Gupta's

    The Preventable Epidemic

    USA TODAY Bestseller
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    A Frontline Doctor's Experience and Recommendations to Resolve America's Opioid Crisis.

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Meet the Author

Dr. Arun Gupta

"I can’t retire. Not until the Opioid Epidemic finally becomes a chapter in our country’s past."

Dr. Arun Gupta has practiced medicine for 35 years. Throughout decades of treating addiction patients, he has seen firsthand the devastation and heartbreak caused to their families. He recently formed the RAOE Foundation, a non-profit focused on resolving the opioid crisis, and is a highly sought-after speaker.


About The Preventable Epidemic Book

Over the past two decades, the opioid addiction has resulted in the deaths of nearly one million people in our country. While patients need pain medication, there is a way to treat pain without the devastating effects of polydrug overdose and addiction.

Why You Should Read This Book

Passionate, factual, and written with truth as the only agenda, this book offers the practical solutions for the War on Drugs that American so desperately needs.

As of 2021, there are only enough addiction doctors to care for only about 10 percent of addicts in the United States

Doctors are trying to comply with the literally thousands of regulations that have been thrown at them, or they face serious punitive consequences.


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